Mini Mindfulness Break for June 22, 2022

Dear Friends:
No Needle, No Haystack

Everybody is looking for something that isn’t available. It’s worse than looking for a needle in a haystack; at least the needle is there, even though it is hard to find. But satisfaction and self are both delusions, so how can they ever be found?

– Ayya Khema, “No Satisfaction”“>Click here to receive the link to join my next teaching on Wednesday night at 7:00 PM PDT.

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Another No-Cancer Day!
Today was another day that you wouldn’t think I had cancer unless you asked! I spent the morning scanning images from the graduation and Father’s day last week. In the afternoon, we went to visit friends in San Mateo, and we took a walk that was the longest walk I’ve been able to …

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May you be free from suffering and the causes of suffering!

All my best,

Jerome Freedman, PhD

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