Anger Control Mindfulness Break™

In primitive times, anger was necessary to get our adrenaline working so that we could harness our energy to run away from or stay around to fight lions and tigers. Now, anger is one of the most destructive emotions we experience.

It causes us to inflict pain and suffering on ourselves and the people we love the most.

Anger triggers the fight-or-flight response in your body and causes the release of cortisol, the primary stress hormone.

If you are unable to control your anger or want to learn how to embrace your anger, you’ve come to the right place.

The Anger Control Mindfulness Break™ can reduce the effects of anger towards yourself and your loved ones as long as you follow the instructions. All you have to do is commit 30 minutes to allow yourself enough time to totally relax. This is more beneficial to you than watching the evening news, soap opera, Monday Night Football or the morning newspaper!

You see, the Mindfulness Break process induces the relaxation response – the exact opposite of the fight-or-flight response in the brain. The relaxation response was first researched by Harvard professor Dr. Herbert Benson and is used widely to help people deal with their anger.

By purchasing the 30 minute Anger Control Mindfulness Break™ for $9.97 you can learn to control and manage your anger quickly and effectively.

The audio recording that you will be able to download is a 30 minute meditation that will allow you to learn the relaxation response and therefore control your anger. The easy to follow process in the audio recording will train you to take a self-guided Mindfulness Break.

Here is what you will experience and learn quickly:

  • How to breathe deeply from your abdomen
  • How to bring your attention into your breath, body and feelings
  • How to create a relaxing scene for you to return to at will
  • How to scan your body to achieve a state of total relaxation
  • How to breathe into the anger and let it go
  • How to embrace your anger so that it stops harming yourself and others

Your Investment In Yourself Is Only $9.97

Click here and start embracing your anger today. All Mindfulness Breaks have unlimited use.

Guided MeditationAnger Control Mindfulness Break (~30 minutes)

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Mindfulness Break Process

The Mindfulness Break process consists of seven easy to follow stages. You will learn how to prepare for listening to the recording in the instructions after you place your order.

As with all Mindfulness Break recordings, if you are not satisfied, email me in the first 30 days and I will refund your money.

What Other People Are Saying

Here is what one student said about her private Achieve Goals Mindfulness Break:

Jerome Freedman’s, website, videos and especially the daily meditation process helped me to open up my intuition to realize my feelings and be sensitive to new directions in life. I just cannot get enough of these meditations. I use my iphone to listen when I am on the road. Just love the process. ~ Mary D.

Here is what another student said about the Symptom Relief Mindfulness Break:

It’s just like having this wonder force field around me. It was fascinating… It was very wonderful… I was really, really grateful… What was extremely powerful for me was the customizing especially for me… It was a very deep kind of gift… I am so excited about revisiting it! It was amazing Jerome. My whole body felt it… ~ Carolyn D.

These two students participated in a group Mindfulness Break:

Spending time with Jerome on a mindfulness break was equivalent to a full day at a spa. I felt rejuvenated and relaxed and ready to take on the rest of the day. How wonderful it was to stop what I was doing, quiet my mind and go on a magical journey with the guidance of Jerome! I was much more productive for the rest of the day, my energy did not slump in the afternoon and I slept very well that night. I highly recommend Jerome and his expertise with years of meditation. This kind of daily practice guided by Jerome and his teachings is a must to create a calm sense of peace, joy and space in ones life. Jerome knows how to guide you to quiet your mind and rejuvenate your energy in a short period of time. It is nothing short of the best gift you can give yourself. Today! – Julie S.

“My 30 minute guided meditation with Jerome was amazing! I have a little experience with guided meditation, and I’m always open to new experiences. Jerome is an experienced guide in meditation and I wanted to share this particular experience. My partner and I sat on a automated reclining couch as we started. Jerome explained, with much expertise, how we would proceed with our session. I was so so comfortable with him; he’s been a meditation guru for a half century. We had no music, only external sounds from our world. The most profound part of the session was that I felt my limbs feeling heavy, grounded to where I was reclining. I experienced complete relaxation; he really put each and every sense of my self in a space I can’t get to on my own. I would suggest trying a session with Jerome, because each and every experience with a different master in this realm is a new and amazing experience.” – Carolyn H.

Guided MeditationAnger Control Mindfulness Break (~30 minutes)

If you have any questions, please click here to send me a message. I will get back to you in record time!

I am confident that you will benefit from this process. Many already have.

Thank you for your order!

May you be calm and relaxed.


Dr. Jerome Freedman

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