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On Super Bowl Sunday in 1997, I was admitted to the hospital because I was urinating rivers of blood. The blood was so thick that you could not even detect urine in my blood!

The next Friday, I was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Most of it had been removed by the surgeon when I was in the hospital.

Between the time of the surgery and the diagnosis, I had done a lot of research on the internet and done my daily meditation practices. I shocked the urologist (who was also the surgeon) by showing him a print out of the possible diagnoses before he could tell me what was wrong.

By the vernal equinox, I was coping fairly well with my diagnosis. Mindfulness Breaks, acupuncture, Chinese herbs and supplements, massage, Feldenkrais, shamans, support groups, chiropractic, and yes, also tennis and mindful movements were all contributing to my recovery in remarkable ways. I had become my own advocate and recognized the importance of staying on top of my case.

On the vernal equinox, I had one of the most powerful Mindfulness Breaks of my life. My therapist, Leslie Davenport, brought me into such a deep state of relaxation that I was able to see a clear path to recovery. I opted for a bladder sparing protocol and began to think about mindfulness in healing.

That summer, I taught my first mindfulness in healing class and attended a retreat with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh (known as Thay by his followers). I made a vow that I would do my best to give back to my community all that I had learned about being your own advocate, mindfulness in healing, and Mindfulness Break.

By participating in local meditation groups (sanghas), becoming a member of Thay’s Order of Interbeing, and serving on boards for the Marin AIDS Project and the Institute for Health and Healing, I began my years of service.

Around the summer solstice of 2009, I founded Mindfulness In Healing, a well-being support group to inspire people to take charge of their healing as I had. Every session incorporates either Mindfulness Break or mindfulness practices.

I discovered a talent for picking up on the energy of the group and crafting a Mindfulness Break that was always well received by the participants.

Mindfulness Breaks You Can Do

Now I am offering you an opportunity to participate in Mindfulness Breaks in the privacy of your own home. Each of the following images links to a page where you can purchase the corresponding Mindfulness Break for $2.97!

You can also purchase the bundle of six Mindfulness Breaks for $17.77 and get one recording for free!

The wonderful thing about these processes is that they bring you directly to your desired goal!

In fact, when people are stressed out or in pain or have symptoms, I’m wondering why more people don’t use meditation to relieve their suffering!

The easy to follow process in the audio recordings will train you to do it in about 30 minutes. If you practice it for 21 days in a row, you will then be able to do it whenever you want.

Once you clarify your goals and activate the deepest levels of your mind through deep relaxation, you will find that you bring into your life anything you really desire..

If you are hesitant to buy this recording because you think thirty minutes is too long, then you are missing out on something much more beneficial to you than the evening news or the soap opera you watch or Monday Night Football or the morning newspaper!

Because this is a Mindfulness Break, even people who can’t meditate are able to get their goals.

The process will train you to relax deeply, even if you do not know how to relax at all. I would say that 98% of the people that I train come very close to falling asleep during the visualization process. Most actually do!

To order Mindfulness Breaks, just click on the images of the meditations you want to order.

Achieve Goals Mindfulness Break
Achieve Goals Mindfulness Break

Achieve Goals Mindfulness Break

The Mindfulness Break1 for achieving your goals is the most basic of all Mindfulness Breaks in this series.

It includes the whole process of withdrawing into yourself, imagining a relaxing space, and deep and total relaxation.

When you become deeply and completely relaxed, you will be able to visualize and clarify your goals.

This meditation was developed in a live session with one of my students.

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Reduce Symptoms Mindfulness Break
Reduce Symptoms Mindfulness Break

Reduce Symptoms Mindfulness Break

When my friend was suffering from strong symptoms she came to me for a private session.

Together, we did a live session for symptom relief.

Mindfulness Break for symptom relief uses all of the practices of achieving your goals and then some.

After my student became completely and deeply relaxed, I invited her to investigate her symptoms from a place of non-suffering.

This place allowed her to achieve a feeling of release that lasted for days.

Now she can do it on her own!

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Anger Control Guilded Meditation
Anger Control Mindfulness Break

Anger Control Mindfulness Break

This Mindfulness Break for embracing your anger is inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh.

We have used it successfully in Mindfulness in Healing and it works very well.

The process incorporates everything from achieving your goals with the added benefit of training you to embrace your anger.

This may sound a bit strange to you at first, but once you try it, you will agree that it works!

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Weight Loss Mindfulness Break
Weight Loss Mindfulness Break

Weight Loss Mindfulness Break

Weight normalization is a concept taught to me by a psychologist specializing in the field.

The normalization process works for people who are either overweight or underweight.

It incorporates everything in achieving your goals and adds a segment when you are completely and deeply relaxed to help you normalize your weight.

This recording is ideal for weight loss.

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Stress Relief Mindfulness Break
Stress Relief Mindfulness Break

Stress Relief Mindfulness Break

Stress is now considered to be a prominent cause of heart disease and other major illnesses.

Managing stress is a major cost to businesses and the medical profession.

With Mindfulness Break for relieving stress, you can learn to completely and deeply relax to take a load off of your mind and body.

It follows the process in achieving your goals with a segment on stress management.

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Sound Sleep Mindfulness Break
Sound Sleep Mindfulness Break

Sound Sleep Mindfulness Break

This meditation was done on the spur of the moment to help someone get to sleep.

She was bothered by extreme pain in her joints and needed to get some sleep.

This meditation incorporates the practices of achieving your goals with one exception.

Once you fall asleep, and you probably will, the recording ends without bringing you back into the room.

In the process, the impact of your pain is significantly reduced because it is experienced without added suffering.

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Mindfulness Break Series

The Mindfulness Break Series is a collection of six Mindfulness Breaks all together. You get all six Mindfulness Breaks for $17.77.

  1. Achieve Goals Mindfulness Break
  2. Reduce Symptoms Mindfulness Break
  3. Anger Control Mindfulness Break
  4. Weight Loss Mindfulness Break
  5. Stress Relief Mindfulness Break
  6. Sound Sleep Mindfulness Break

Since you might be interested in three out of the six meditations, you can get the others essentially for free.

This is the best deal!


Here is what one student said about her private consultation with active visualization:

Jerome Freedman’s, website, videos and especially the daily meditation process helped me to open up my intuition to realize my feelings and be sensitive to new directions in life. I just cannot get enough of these meditations. I use my iphone to listen when I am on the road. Just love the process. ~ Mary D.

Here is what another student said about the symptom relieve recording:

It’s just like having this wonderful force field around me. It was fascinating… It was very wonderful… I was really, really grateful… What was extremely powerful for me was the customizing especially for me… It was a very deep kind of gift… I am so excited about revisiting it! It was amazing Jerome. My whole body felt it… ~ Carolyn D.


These audio recordings are brought to you by Dr. Jerome Freedman. If you have any questions or feedback, please click here to send me a message. I will get back to you in record time!

I am confident that you will benefit from these meditations. Many already have.

Thank you for your order!



Dr. Jerome Freedman

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1. This recording is identical to Active Visualization For Achieving Your Goals. If you have purchased this and want information about the other meditations, please comment below or send me an email.

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