A Mindfulness Break in Your Home

Now that you understand what a Mindfulness Break is, you can try it for yourself in your own home or workplace.

In your Mindfulness Break you may experience relaxation, healing, connection, well-being and a sense of deep peace right in your own home or workplace. This will help you cope better with the circumstances of your life and the situation in the world today with all the unrest and insecurity. With the current administration in the United States, with immigrants flowing into the EU and other countries and being rejected by the US, with the elephants in Africa being destroyed by poaching, with climate change raising the oceans and melting the glaciers, with more lies from the military / industrial complex, it is difficult to maintain a level of inner peace, happiness, and tranquility.

Mindfulness Breaks can help bring relief from these and other concerns by helping you to take it all in and finding peace in yourself, regardless of what is going on in the world around you. Whether you are a single mom or dad who works hard to keep your kids in school and getting good grades, a working family with two incomes, a senior citizen (like me) with time on your hands, or a single or married millennial with questions about your future, this guided meditation process is for you and your loved ones.

Need a Reminder?
A mindfulness break is a period of mindfulness, a period of living life deeply in the present moment which can be practiced anywhere, any time from a moment, to a minute, to ten minutes, to a couple of hours, to a weekend, to a week, to several months or years.
[Excerpt from my new book, Mindfulness Breaks: The Zen Teachings of Father Eli, coming soon!]
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