Words of Wisdom for June 09, 2024

Dear Friends:
“Change is everywhere” is a truth which many of us get on a conceptual level but have a hard time being with once it becomes a lived experience.

Reading the discourses of the Buddha, we find regular reminders to be aware of the changing and fluctuating nature of all experience.

Maybe he repeated it this often to counterbalance the natural tendency of the mind to assume that things will last, stay the same and continue.

Over a lifetime, minor and major changes will have a deep impact on us.

Yet the tools to meet them with awareness stay much the same:

• Embracing the nature of what it means to be human with compassion

• Trusting ourselves to differentiate between what we need to accept for the moment, and what needs our wise effort and energy

• Practicing acceptance of the nourishing and the unsatisfying, the beautiful and the ugly, the kindness and the reactivity, the harmonious and the less-than-perfect in ourselves, others, and the entire world of experience

– Ulla Koenig, Sangha Live

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May you be free from suffering and the causes of suffering!

All my best,

Jerome Freedman, PhD

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