Mini Mindfulness Break for July 27, 2019

“Generally speaking, the word ‘meditation’ means sustaining the continuity of awareness with natural and innate mindfulness, resting in lucid undistracted non-fixation, and growing accustomed to the innate nature. If you don’t meditate and familiarize yourself with the inner mind and its workings, you won’t gain certainty. If you do meditate, certainty and conviction will be attained. By meditating with strong diligence, the uptight fixation on solid duality will gradually grow more relaxed. Wisdom will dawn within and you will become more equanimous, serene and centered amidst all of life’s inevitable ups and downs.”

HH Dudjom Rinpoche,
in his “A Dear Treasure for Destined Disciples”
Millennium Summit of the United Nations, New York,
September 8, 2000

“Whenever I encounter any problem of today’s civilization, inevitably, I always arrive at one principal theme: the theme of human responsibility. This does not mean merely the responsibility of a human being towards his or her own life or survival; towards his or her family; towards his or her company or any other community. It also means responsibility before the infinite and before eternity; in a word, responsibility for the world. Indeed, it seems to me that the most important thing that we should seek to advance in the era of globalization is a sense of global responsibility.

Somewhere in the primeval foundations of the world’s religions we find, basically, the same set of underlying moral imperatives. It is in this set of thoughts that we should look for the source, the energy and the ethos for global renewal of a truly responsible attitude towards our Earth and all its inhabitants, as well as towards future generations.”
–Václav Havel,
Millennium Summit of the United Nations, New York,

– Václav HavelMillennium Summit of the United Nations, New York,
September 8, 2000

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May you be free from suffering and the causes of suffering!

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Jerome Freedman, PhD


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