Mini Mindfulness Break for January 05, 2022

Dear Friends:
The Basic Irrelevance of Humans

Are monastics and hippies and poets relevant? No, we’re deliberately irrelevant. We live with an ingrained irrelevance which is proper to every human being. The marginal person accepts the basic irrelevance of the human condition, an irrelevance which is manifested above all by the fact of death.

– Thomas Merton, “Clouds and Water”

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Guided Meditation For Letting Go
This guided meditation for letting go is by Lori Granger and is quite good. Her voice is soothing and the images are delightful. The music is calming and unobtrusive. The purpose of this guided meditation is to let go and just be! It is truly relaxing. After a number of belly …

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May you be free from suffering and the causes of suffering!

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