Mini Mindfulness Break for December 15, 2019

The Joy of No Sex

The Buddha taught that sexual activity is part and parcel of craving (kama-tanha, the craving for sensuality), described in the second noble truth as the cause of suffering, a source of clinging and attachment (upadana, or attachment to sensual pleasure), a hindrance to meditation and a fetter or obstruction to liberation. More obstructive than the object of desire itself is the mental activity we generate around it–the constant thinking and planning and anticipation about how we get the goods. When sex is involved, kama-tanha is a given. When sex is not involved, it can be easier to see how kama-tanha takes over.

– Mary Talbot, “The Joy of No Sex”

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May you be free from suffering and the causes of suffering!

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Jerome Freedman, PhD


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